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What Makes
Thermography Unique


Early Detection
Means Life


All women can benefit from breast thermography.  It is especially valuable for younger women (30-50 years of age), women with dense breast tissue, women who have implants or are pregnant or nursing.  Women who are on hormone replacement, have fibrocystic, large, dense or augmented breasts benefit because the thermal inages can be easily interpreted by DOCTORS.

A non invasive, no radiation, no touch method of imaging the patterns of heat given off by your body

Functional assessment: Thermal pattern changes are reflective of physiological or functional changes

Individualized breast disease risk assessment:

Women with a family history are at greater risk however, 75% of women who develop breast disease have no family history

Preventive: Most useful before there is a problem to identify low vs. high risk and help guide efforts to reduce risk.

Wait! There's More

Have you heard of Manual Lymphatic Drainage for breast health? This ia a very easy, pain free

and effective technique to reduce congestion

in the breasts.  Reducing congestion using MLD123 in the breast tissue is essentially cleaning the breast tissue.

Want to know more?

Everyone can benefit from MLD123!

I'm excited to deliver a presentation packed with vital insights for breast health.  Bring together your friends, colleagues, and family

members, including those with daughters! I'd love to share this presentation with you and teach you MLD123 in a welcoming setting at the spa or your home or office.

Private breast consultations are available! 

This consultation includes:

         MLD123 instruction


         How to visually inspect your breast tissue


          Learn self breast examination

Medical Infrared Imaging


Early detection saves lives! 

Thermography is an FDA approved

infrared imaging procedure which

aids in the early detection and

monitoring of breast physiology



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What is Thermography

It has been determined there is no one 

method alone that serves the needs of women

in early breast disease detection.  Using a combination of methods will increase the

chances of detecting breast disease in an early

stage.  Below are general guidelines.


Always consult your doctor with any

questions or concerns.

Baseline thermogram at age 20, then follow up procedure every two years.

Annual thermogram screening for women 40 years of age and over

Mammography when deemed appropiate

Self breast examination daily or weekly

A regular breast examination by a health professional

Personal awareness for visual or physical changes in breast tissue

Thermography is an FDA approved infrared imaging procedure aiding in the early detection and monitoring of abnormal breast physiology.  

Thermography uses a sophisticated infrared camera and computer system to image heat patterns from the surface of the breasts.  Alterations in the images are caused when cellular changes increase blood flow, thus warming the breast.  These thermovascular changes may be caused by fibrocystic disease, an infection, or even breast cancer.  Once you are aware of these changes you and your doctor can create a plan for your health care.

Breast thermography is a valuable tool to alert you of physiological changes that can indicate the earliest signs of breast disease.   

Studies show an increase in survival rate when

thermography and mammography are used


Thermal patterns indicated by thermography camera.  Infrared markers may be the first sign that a problem is developing. 

Be Proactive and




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If you don't know your
breast tissue
how do you know if it

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