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"It’s been a year since I first came to you for neck pain causing headaches that interfered with my sleep.  Your patience, knowledge, and effective touch helped alleviate the problem.  Those weekly therapeutic massage visits are now welcomed monthly maintenance.  So glad my friend referred me to you.  Thank you." – J.S.

"As a busy CEO, I can’t afford to let fibromyalgia and chronic pain slow me down.  Regular massage from Denise is part of what keeps me healthy and my body strong.  At least once a month she lays her hands on me and everything in the world seems right again.  I would get massages MUCH more often if I could.  She is a terrific healer." – K.S.

"I am a stage IV cancer patient, and a client of Denise.  Her knowledge of oncology based massage is vast. 

As she brings a ray of sunshine, her hands bring relief.  I am grateful to have her services once a week." – G.M.

"I can feel every ounce of love through your fingertips" - J.A. (stage 4 cancer client)
"I have been getting massages from Denise for over 7 years now.  If that doesn't tell you she is amazing, I'm not sure what else will.  I got my husband, mother-in-law and neighbor hooked on her massages.  She is an amazing friendly and kind person.  She knows just how to apply the right amount of pressure and how to change it based on your needs that day.  My husband and I find ourselves counting down the days until our massage.  I wouldn't get massaged by anyone else." - C.H.
"I have been going to Denise Kalin on a monthly basis, for over two years, for a deep tissue massage to help breakup scar tissue that developed after two neck surgeries.  I can’t express how these massages have helped lessen the pain in my neck and allows me to maintain all of my normal activities, such as golfing, quilting and exercising.  Without these massages I was in the doctor’s offices getting medication or injections.  Now, it’s just the massages. 
Denise is a “fabulous” massage therapist!!!"
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